We offer online services for small companies, professionals and startups.

Our digital services include Websites, Digital Strategies, SEO, Marketing,Social Media...

We redesign your website.

A website is a showcase of your work. Put lots of care and attention to it.

We plan your Content Relationship Management (CRM).

Focus on a strategy to manage your client interactions whether they are new, loyal or current customers, let's plan your CRM Strategy.

Digital Strategies.

Program the marketing of your products or services using digital technologies.

We help you to implement Search Engine Optimisation(SEO) techniques.

Optimise your content and improve your web search rankings with SEO Strategies.

Marketing Campaigns

We organize a game plan to promote and sell your products or services with Marketing Campaigns.

Social Media

Let’s be friendly with Social Media but most of all, reach the potential customers with the right message and be where you need to be.

Analytics and Reporting

Analysing your data is important. We help you with your analytics and reporting. This information can help you decide for example whether you should deliver content in different ways.

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Do you need help with something that we have not mentioned? If this is the case, let us know, as we also partner with different companies that can help.


Do you need help with your website? Planning a website can be really time-consuming and there is not always an easy route. We put our experience to your service and make it look easy.


It is ideal to have all your contacts in one place however, it is even more important to have a strategy to nurture them. Our plan will help you to reach your goals.


Planning your digital strategy in advanced can make a difference between knowing what to do and being completely overwhelmed and lost. We design your strategy, so you don't have to.


Having a website is great, but there is no much point of it if people can't find it when they search on Google or any other browser. We help you to rank organically.


Having a website is the first step, making it visible with SEO techniques is the second, but designing marketing campaigns to attract potential customers, it is imperative for success.


We explore your data and report it in an understandable way extracting meaningful insights that could be used to better understand and improve your business performance.


Share your information, ideas, or interest via a virtual community and network. Let us keep an eye on things, so you can focus on your business.


Are you looking for a specific online service and you can't find it on our website? Don't hesitate to contact us, we may be able to help you.


Over the years we have been working on different projects with various professionals and sometimes we might decide to collaborate with them.

Lovely Words From Our Clients

“Always extremely passionate about the brand and the online projects he is working for.”


Owner, Lampshades by Bella

“ He always goes above and beyond and never leaves any stone unturned.”


Operations Manager, BellaK

“Digital Redesign was unbelievably helpful to our startup with lots of ideas and attention to detail.”


Startup Founder, Encuentro y Experiencia

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We’re a small company that aims to help professionals, start-ups and small businesses to improve their online presence, use more efficient tools, and produce better, more relevant online strategies and tactics.
We combine branding, communication, design with a range of inbound and outbound marketing initiatives. 
The result is designed to increase awareness, reputation, trust – and sales. 

Your start-up or small business will live or die based upon the success – or otherwise – of your marketing. Even if you have the best product or service, the reality is that no-one is going to come knocking at your door. 

No-one is going to search you out to give you their business. Don’t be deluded into thinking otherwise. 

One size certainly doesn’t fit all. Start-ups and small businesses have unique and particular online needs. 
That’s why we offer a range of online services specifically tailored to the needs (and budgets) of smaller organisations.
Our range of online solutions are designed to increase awareness, reputation, and trust in the minds of your audience.


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