Analytics and Reporting

How do you know how far you can go if you don’t even know if you have even started? By analysing data and putting it together in a comprehensive report, you can spot trends to help you improve and in addition you can implement some measures to achieve your goals.

Get It Done With Us

Follow this simple steps as a first stage to set up the analytics implementation.

What is the right platform for you?

There are a wide variety of platforms (be careful don’t get confused!) in reality, solutions to control your analytics and to report its finding. The most popular one is Google Analytics, due to the fact that is a very reliable analytics solution and also you can use it on its free version.

What are you analysing about?

Once you have decided which platform to use, you will need to decide what information is important for your business and how you can acquire it. In other words, setting up analytics goals (or as they called it goal tracking) will help towards that task. Furthermore, you will need to decide which metrics to track and which KPI (Key Performance Indicators) to choose. For example you can decide that the Email Open Rate (which is the number of email recipients who opened an email) can be important to you, while others would prefer to keep an eye on Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) (which is the cost you pay for each conversion or acquisition, when you do advertising).

What information do people search on your site?

As well as knowing which information is important for your business, identifying what sort of information your visitors are looking for in your website, can be really revealing (site search).

You’ve got e-mail

Are you controlling whether or not your emails are being sent properly or they all end up on the spam folder? Knowing how to track your emailing and advertising it is necessary and will require of other tools like Mailchimp or Facebook advertising.

Make it easy for yourself

In conclusion, set up clear dashboards with the information you require, so you can daily control it with a simple glimpse. Similarly you can also set up custom alerts that will email you when and event has been triggered.

Too busy to analyse your website analytics? Let us know, we can help!

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