Marketing Campaigns

Email marketing is an easy way to reach customers and achieve your business goals, focused on a specific audience. Every email you send should be interesting, useful and reaching at the correct time.


Consider your brand

Every time you write a piece of content you need to consider your brand: who you are and ultimately, the tone of voice. If you are consistent with this, people will be able to recognise you and perhaps if you are lucky, feel identified with what you have to offer.

Choose wisely your “you-time”

Timing is everything and there is nothing worst that for example launching a campaign offering a discount, once that offer has finished… bad timing right? Make sure that your “you-time” is perfect and your customers can get used to it and expect it. Random times can be sometimes useful, but being at the right place at the right time will get you extra points.

Test, retest and test again

Campaigns like everything in life needs tweaking. The more you adjust, the closer you’ll be able to get to where you were planning to get. Have a chat with us to find out more!

Don’t go over the top

But make sure you are creative, different. Planning something that someone else is already doing, is like keep on contemplating the same company over and over again. This will put off your potential customer and send them away from you, before you can even blink.

Let's create some art together.

Don’t email random people

Buying an email list doesn’t have to be expensive, but on the long run, if you have not purchased the details of the right customers (meaning, the ones that show interest in your products), then you would have wasted your time and money. Nurturing customers is a slow process, and you can’t rush a good wine to reach its perfect flavour.

GDPR is not cool either, this is why you need to have the appropiate emailing list.

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