Why websites for small businesses are necessary

Over the years I have meet lots of self-employed people that were doing great with their business and they have been doing so for many years. They normally would get their prospects and potential new business through their previous customers, basically what is typically called “worth of mouth”.
Old school if you ask me but, it 100% works! If that’s the case, no wonder why they would ask: why do I need a website for my small business?
Although the answer could be quite clear and concise, let us dig a bit deeper into it. It is quite easy not to do anything when you are getting the results you want but, for how long?

Reasons for small businesses to have a website.

It is definitively great to have happy customers, and even better if those are actually so happy with your services that they are willing to recommend you. That is without a doubt, the best marketing available and it is free.
However sometimes this not always work, or it does not work for long plus, it is always good to expand your customer base and avoid having all the eggs in the same basket, reaching a larger group of people.
There are many reasons why as a small business owner, you need a website, however, let’s talk a bit more about the main interesting ones:

1.- People need to know you are in business.

One of the first things people tend to have, it’s curiosity; curiosity on what a business does and how they do it. If there is no website, people will not be able to have a first impression, unless you have a heavy presence in social media. Therefore, having a website it is an extremely easy way to be “out there”.

2.- Having a website for your small business allows you to plan.

Having a website allows you to plan how you want to present your services to the world and it is a great way to create your own message, your brand. Nobody else can tell you how you must explain your services and those services have to resonate with your real ethos. Everyone can have a hairdresser saloon or an HR consultancy agency, and you can buy their services from one or another. However, people do not just buy services. Ultimately people buy what “you” personally have to offer, the style on how you do it, your message, your brand. If you do not have a message, a brand, you cannot be different from the others. A website will allow you to show your customers who you really are and establish why they should buy from you instead of buying from the shop next door. A website will help you to come closer to your ideal customer.

3.- How can people trust you?

People need to know that you are a genuine business and after visiting your website, calling your support number, and visiting your social media channel, those are the best way to check that you are active, that you are real and that you can do what you say you can do. Because you are on the web, anyone can reach your business, no matter where in the world they are based. It is just a matter of choosing your content wisely. Having reviews on your website it is also a great way to be noticed and create an initial feeling of trust while delivering your services.

4.- Your competitors are “out there”.

I am quite sure that most of your competitors have a website. Think about it, if someone is looking for web design in Wiltshire and you do not have a website, the chances of someone contacting you all of a sudden reduce dramatically. Surely whoever was looking will contact your competitor that already has a website. This is unless your potential customer was searching on the yellow pages in the first place…

5.- The “Eternal Advocate”.

Having a website is like having an “on stand-by business”, an “eternal advocate” basically it is always there when someone needs it. If you have a workshop, customers can only come and visit you when your shop is open. By having a website, you open the possibility of someone being able to contact you at three o’clock in the morning because their baby woke them up and they could not go back to sleep. Therefore, availability of your services is pretty much constant.


No matter how much information about the pros of having a website for your small business is available on the internet, there will always be people reluctant to have one, especially because they probably are doing very well using their word of mouth technique.
Obviously having a website is not a walk in the park either, there are negatives to having one, mainly related to time-consuming, security issues and possible costs, however, the positives overcome the negatives.
Think about your website as an online presence which is an extension of your business. For a basic website builder, you can use Wix. Alternatively, you can check out our web info and get in touch by clicking here, so we can help you. Feel free to leave any message for any questions you might have.


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