CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

Having a website and the SEO sorted is fine but, how do you keep track of your customer’s information. A well-planned Customer Relationship Management Strategy can not only help you organising customer’s data but also will help your sales process and get closer to your customers and potentials.

Whether your business has been running for a few years now or you are just starting, surely is that you have been collecting valuable information about your customers or potential customers. In some cases, you might not have the right tool to control this information and even if you have it under control, you might be missing on further features that could be covered with a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) 

Your CRM strategy, planned to last.

A good CRM will implement strategies in order to manage and analyse all your client interactions, taking into account the customer’s lifecycle. The aim of the game is to improve the relationship with the customer, improve customer retention and ultimately driving sales growth.

Need an online database of your customers? Or perhaps integration with your website? Making sure you ease your organisation could mean the difference between gaining or losing a customer. Nurturing a customer can be achieved with a good CRM strategy.

important details to take into account

Tasks can be automated

Certain repetitive tasks can be automated in order to improve marketing efforts that can take into consideration the different stages of a customer lifecycle.

What CRM?

Crm’s can be set up as platforms online (cloud-based), or on premises, depending on your necessities and priorities. For example on the cloud-based CRM platforms, normally a third party would be storing the data externally, and they would directly deal with any installations, updates, security, and maintenance. They are cheaper to run and maintain, normally out of the box which can be of interest to companies with limited capabilities and resources. On-premises platforms tend to be more expensive as normally licenses have to be bought in advance, and the data will have to be stored on your own servers, therefore more resources will be needed, i.e. security, maintenance, upgrades.

Optimisation of processes

CRM platforms can improve businesses by optimising processes creating workflow automation. That automation would depend on your processes and business requirements. We can revise those processes with you and help you to optimise your workflows.

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