Having a business without an online Digital Strategy is like having cookies without cream. You know they will be very tasty but they will definitively taste much better with that extra something special.

Both business strategy and digital strategy should be “walking together” very closely. The second one supports the first one with the digital resources but following its paths.

Goal achievement

Documenting well the goals that will need to be achieved for those opportunities is another important step in the process. Working with no aim can be a dangerous route, as you will be wasting time and resources

Market characteristics and trends

Those will need to be part of the outline of the marketing strategy, together with customer personas, study of competitors, services or products offering, pricing, partners…

Coming up with the plan

Sorting out your ideas and deciding how the digital platforms that you are using will help towards those goals, will set up your day to day routine and most importantly will create the foundations towards a successful strategy.

Funnel analysis

Identifying the specific stages of the sales funnel and finding out.

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