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Social Media Graphics

Brilliant! You have got a new business idea or have been running your small business for few years now. Your product or service idea is fantastic, but you must find an easy way to put your message out there in the world and make yourself stand out from the competitors. You need some videos and social media graphics for your marketing efforts.


If on top of running your business, you have time to do your own small videos and social media graphics great! here are certain things that you need to consider while planning them:

Interactive videos that would surprise your audience.

Sometimes it is just not enough with astonishing videos. Your potential customers require something extra. Interactive videos guide your customers to make your website experience a breeze. 

Social media graphics allow to advertise your products

Use your social media graphics to inspire, educate or simply entertain.

Your audience would be more likely to watch something that is sorting a problem, or explain a solution to their issues.

Advertising with social media graphics

Transform your posts into videos

You have written a masterpiece and you need to get the content seen by others. You can do small 2 minutes videos with the main points to send the message across and share it using social media graphics.

content creation for your website

Advocates for your video and social media graphics

If you need some advocates for your brand, why not trying video testimonials? Those are great to create trust within your target audience and for the market to hear from what you have to offer.

Music for your videos in social media

If you are doing videos, consider a relevant music for the message that you are trying to send across. However also make sure the mood on those videos can be understood without the music, as some people might watch them without.

Keep your videos and message short and simple.

Nowadays people don’t have much time to watch long videos and anyways normally they are bombarded with them, especially on social media. So in order to stick out of the trends. make sure your first few seconds of video can captivate your audience or at least engage with them with a strong and clear message. Videos are very power dragging resources, so don’t make them too long or with the ultimate 4k resolution if you don’t have an amazing dedicated hosting to keep them.

Have you got a plan for videos and social media graphics but no time to execute? Let us know, we'd love to hear your plan!

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