Virtual & Augmented Reality

Use new technologies like virtual reality or augmented reality to stand out from your competition. New technologies like VR or AR can be used in different ways to help your customers understand the possibilities, before having to spend tons of cash on the final product. From virtual marketing to virtual health passing through virtual estate demonstrations.

Are you joining the future?

Let’s be honest, things have changed and are constantly changing. Covid19 is good proof of how we have to adapt to new circumstances. Technologies are here to help. This is why for us virtual reality and augmented reality needs to be considered if your business have something special to offer.

Augmented Reality in construction

You have got a building design to present to your customer however, sometimes it can be difficult for people to understand how the final project would look like and future potential changes can be expensive. Going from a 2D plane design to an augmented reality building can be a necessary cost that later down the line will save you time, mistakes, and expensive changes and it will speed up the project.

demonstration of medical augmented reality

Augmented reality for medical applications

It has never been easier to discover worlds that before were only reserved to some. Augmented reality can be used in multiple industries and with a non-expensive setup which allows learning not only interactive but fun. The future is here and the possibilities are endless, you only need to decide whether your product or service could benefit from something extra special. Learning features and demonstrations are synonymous of augmented reality. 

Not only would you be able to use it from the comfort of your home, office, cafe… at your convenient time, you don’t need any special equipment or headsets (although VR headsets can also be used).


Virtual Designs for architects

The benefits to use virtual design in your projects are huge. Adjusting measurements, including new materials, colors, last-minute changes…your customer will be delighted to what you have to offer and it would give you a clear objective of what you need to achieve. Not only things will become clearer but the virtual reality experience for your customer will be 100% satisfactory.

new building visualization

Convert any design in a 3D animation

There might be few situations, especially now with some people wanting to maintain the covid19 distance where a virtual estate 3D animation would allow them to get a perfect feeling of what their future property can look like. Animations can be planned and structured according to your bespoke needs.

Virtual 360 tours

Interactive 360 virtual tours are a great way to see your projects and also they can be used as a way to market cities, museums, hotels, establishments…

Interested in VR, AR, animations, 360 tours?

If you are involved in any sort of project and need help with VR, AR, 3D animations, 8k image renders,  360 tours you might want to see some examples of what we have to offer by viewing the following presentation.

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