Social Media

Social media is comprehended by a variety of platform technologies that allows the creation and sharing of information, ideas… that can be related to your company or not. That information will help towards a creation of virtual communities and networks with audiences with similar interest.


Workflow to follow

Below there are some steps to keep into consideration.

Tactical planning and ideas

Before starting with any social media posts, it is necessary to identify what platforms your audience use, and then decide the tone of voice, what sort of content and images you are going to be using.

Updating social networks

This can be a really time consuming task, however a good scheduler can help you to organise your content. Be aware to post things in the right social media platform, at the right time, so you can generate the most engagement possible.


Some people consider it not to be important, but having a platform space where you can share your expertise about your products or services, can help your potential customers to decide if you can be a good match or not for their business.

Research and Planning

This is a constant thing. You need to give your audience what they want, otherwise, it will not work. Imaging going to an Ed Sheeran concert and end up seeing him telling jokes instead of singing (no offence Ed, you are probably a really funny guy!, but I think your fans will prefer to listening to your great music ;0)


Sharing content, creating conversation, listening to what other people has to say about a particular matter, creating a community with the same interests, advertising campaigns on social media. All those tactics will help you to get closer to your potential customers.

Social Media measurement and reporting

Lastly but not least important, you need to collect the information and decide whether your approach is the correct one or not.

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