How to come up with ideas for content

Have you ever gone blank when trying to come up with some content to write about? Coming up with some ideas for content it can be hard, but it is necessary.

Yes, I know. That question answers by itself. Everybody is human (well, not everybody… you know what I mean…), so surely you have encountered that challenge.

Although I am just starting to write content for myself, I have helped a few customers to break the barrier of the “blank canvas” or white empty piece of paper as they call it.

It is definitely not an easy task, although I think it can become easier with practice.

From my point of view, two very important things to have into consideration, before you start are:

– why are you writing?

– And who do you want to communicate with?

The process

Once you have got that clear you can use some of the following tricks that will help you to choose what to talk about:

List headlines are a great way to break the ice

For example for your starting title, use phrases like “8 tips for maximising your productivity”;  “2 skills that will make you a better freelancer”; “5 ways to get clients when you are starting”. Apart from being quite catchy, they will help you to choose a topic to talk about and get the ball rolling.

How-to headlines are another simple way to come up with content

Things like “how to be more efficient with your time”, “how to post in social media”, “how to define a clear strategy for your small business”. Similarly to the list headlines, those will get your neurons started and surely you will not be able to stop after that.

Look for recent news and provide your opinion about it

This is an interesting one, as you can also generate a conversation if your audience is quite keen to get involved, so initially, something that could start from a certain topic, might end up on something completely different, and that engagement comes as a nice surprise for you and your readers.

Being controversial can also be a good friend

However you really have to define in which topics you are controversial, and how far are you willing to go. The downside to this is that potentially you are going to be bullied and targeted, so make sure you put your thick-skin suit and prepare for a fight to maintain your position.

Defining the tone of the conversation by choosing self-explanatory adjectives

that will set the path of the content. For example, using “authentic ways to engage with your customers” is already setting the way in which you need to be telling the story.


Those are a few things that you could consider when writing your content. Of course, there are many more and I would recommend to explore the different options and not use always the same strategy, otherwise your content will sound a bit like a broken record.

Are there other things that work for you? If so, I’d love to hear from you, please feel free to leave a comment.

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